School Home Pupil
Teaching and Learning: pupils deserve the highest possible standard of teaching and support to help them learn. Our school will: 
  • Place an emphasis on English and mathematics to ensure mastery
  • Provide an enriched curriculum which challenges and motivates
  • Use regular assessment to track pupil progress
  • To ensure early prevention for those children experiencing difficulties
Home will: 
  • Take an interest in what their child is learning
  • Support the school’s philosophy of high expectations for all
  • Participate, where possible, in class activities and off-site visits


Pupils will: 
  • Come to school ready to learn
  • Work hard in all lessons
  • Complete their homework everyday
Attendance: pupils have the right to education and parents have a legal responsibility to make sure children attend regularly. Our school will: 
  • Contact parents on the first day of unknown absence
  • Contact parents of children who regularly arrive late for school
Home will: 
  • Make every effort to make sure that their child will attend school every day and on time
  • Inform the school as soon as possible about any absence and the reason for it
  • Wherever possible, avoid taking children on holiday during term time
Pupils will: 
  • Attend school every day and arrive on time
Behaviour and Attitude: pupils learn best in an orderly environment where everyone knows what is expected of them. Our school will: 
  • Have a code of behaviour which creates a safe and caring environment for everyone
  • Make sure that all staff, pupils and parents know what behaviour is expected
  • Consistently implement the code of behaviour, sanctions and rewards
  • Encourage staff and pupils to have a positive attitude to learning and caring
Home will: 
  • Give praise at home for good behaviour and attitude at school
  • Work with the school to find solutions in cases of unacceptable behaviour
  • Consistently behave in an exemplary fashion when in and around the school
Pupils will: 
  • Keep school and class rules
  • Have a positive attitude to learning and school
Homework: learning at home has an important part to play in helping pupils to achieve. Our school will: 
  • Keep parents informed about the homework schedule
  • Provide suitable materials and advice on home based activities and how to help
  • Mark homework promptly and give constructive feedback

Home will:

  • Encourage their child in homework and sign the school diary everyday
  • Encourage their child to read everyday


Pupils will: 
  • Complete all homework set and return it to school on time
  • Read every day
Communication: good communication between home and school is essential to make sure that pupils get the support they need. Our school will: 
  • Be opening and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for parents to become involved in school life
  • Make sure that parents have information about their child’s progress, behaviour and general school matters
  • Make sure that parents are informed about what their child is learning
  • Arrange for parents to discuss and set targets for their child
  • Make sure they listen to parent’s concerns and do their best to help
Home will: 
  • Tell school about anything that may affect their child’s work or behaviour
  • Attend parent evenings
  • Raise concerns promptly and directly with the school
  • We will we do whatever it takes to ensure all monies owed to the academy are paid in full and on time
Pupils will: 
  • Take letters home, notes and reports from school and give them to their parents
  • Talk with parents and teachers about any worries in school