School lunches are cooked on-site and rotate on a regular basis.  Please click on the link below to view the menus.

If your child is not entitled to a Free School Meal (FSM), the cost of a meal is £2.40 per day (£12.00pw).  Dinner money is to be paid in advance at the school office.  We are currently only able to accept cash or cheques.

If you wish to change your child's lunchtime arrangement, i.e. from a packed lunch to a school meal or vice versa, you must go to the school office where you will be required to sign a form confirming the change.  Changes will take effect from the Monday following your request.

Week 1 Menu:  Weeks beginning -       24th February       23rd March       4th May       8th June       6th July

Week 2 Menu:  Weeks beginning -       2nd March            30th March       11th May     15th June      13th July

Week 3 Menu:  Weeks beginning -       9th March             20th April          18th May     22nd June

Week 4 Menu:  Weeks beginning -       16th March           27th April          1st June      29th June

Ark Brunel - 4 Weeks Rotating Menus.pdf

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