Brunel hosts Ark Spelling Bee

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Tuesday 24th February saw Brunel host the Ark Spelling Bee. This was an opportunity for our top spellers to show off their skills and test themselves against their peers from other Ark schools.

The event started just after 10:30 when all the contestants had arrived from all over London and as far afield as Birmingham. Pencils sharpened, the contestants immersed themselves in a range of spelling activities designed to test them to their limits. After lunch, the points were tallied and the winners were announced. Brunel pupils performed very well: Bilal from Y3 won the Y3/4 prize and the team came 2nd overall. Hannah from Y6, who came 2nd in her age group, said: “It was fun. The knockout round was hard but I represented my team and came second. I won’t forget how to spell ‘government’ again!”

Congratulations to Globe and KSA for taking the Y3/4 and Y5/6 overall prizes and to KSA for being the overall winner.It was a delight to welcome other Ark students to Brunel for this great event. We trust that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.