Brunel pupils enrol at the Royal College of Music

Friday 15 January 2016

On Saturday, four pupils from Year 5 were officially enrolled at The Royal College of Music. The children were chosen as the result of a number of selection workshops which took place over the course of last term and will receive up to 6 years of fully-funded tuition at RCM. Katie said, “I love playing the saxophone. Every Saturday, we go to the Royal College of Music and take part in a singing choir. Then, we do a music theory lesson, which is helping us to learn to read music, and then we go to the sax lesson. After that, we get to take our saxophones home to practise.”

RCM was last week named as the top Conservatoire in the UK and boasts such notable alumni as Benjamin Britten, Gustav Holst, John Williams and MIKA. This is an exciting opportunity and we look forward to these pupils developing their interest and skill in their future lives.