Building character during Brunel Day

Friday 05 November 2021

Our character education virtue for the first half-term this year was Reflection. Children were assigned to houses named after some of Brunel's bridges. They collaborated on a time-limited bridge-building task and reflected on their efforts when complete. See some of their thoughts below.

"On Brunel Afternoon, we were split up into our school houses. In Clifton House, we tried to collaboratively replicate the Clifton Suspension Bridge which was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, using everyday items such as cardboard boxes, tape and string. We all assigned ourselves tasks such as tape cutting, string measuring and tape sticking! It was a lot of fun and were thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."

Liyana (Year 6, Clifton)

"We came into class and got sorted into all our different houses, which were Avon, Clifton, Maidenhead and Windsor. We had pupils from lower and higher school mixed up. Once all the children were in their houses, we started learning about what our house was named after. We started making bridges because that was what our houses were named after. Clifton House even made their bridges from spaghetti! When we finished we tidied up and reflected on our bridges."

Bahia (Year 5, Clifton)