Wednesday 05 October 2016

On 3rd October, the Food Explorers team joined us at Brunel for a week of activities and trips aimed at exploring the food we eat and learning to make more informed choices about the nutrition we put into our bodies. Workshops and in-class actvities taught pupils about the hidden sugar content of everyday foods, such as breakfast cereals.

Classes visited the local area to find out about fresh produce and ask questions about the people who work everyday with the food we eat. A highlight for Y6 was a trip to Wagamama's in Kensington where they made choices about fruit and vegetable drinks and made some fresh noodles, all under the watchful eye of professional chefs. Upon trying the juice she had designed, one pupil said, "This juice has got kale in it - and it tastes great!" A Y4 class visited Golborne Road where they learnt more about some of the foods they see in their local community everyday, including Moroccan, Caribbean and other dishes. Y3 children visited Phoenix farm where they sampled freshly-laid eggs and got a sense of where our other food comes from. KS1 classes visited Holland Park Ecology Centre to learn about where their food comes from and how to make healthier food choices. They spent time in the ‘edible garden’ to learn about the edible parts of plants, lifecycles and to sample a range of fruit and vegetables. Many children tried vegetables they had never seen or heard of before and were impeccably behaved. Well done!

Learning about the food we eat will help our pupils choose wisely and lead them on the path to a healthy future.