Curriculum Vision and Overviews

At Ark Brunel we believe that: 

  • Children will thrive if they are effective communicators 
  • Children will thrive if they have solid foundations in English and maths 
  • Children will thrive if they can draw on a rich range of experiences 

The Ark Brunel Curriculum is firmly rooted in Ark’s six pillars. 

We set high expectations for all our pupils, and we do whatever it takes to meet them. Our aspirations are no lower for our most vulnerable pupils. We strive for excellent teaching, because a great teacher affects a pupil's achievement more than any other factor. 

To nurture a love of reading and develop fluent communication skills, we also dedicate more time to oracy, literacy and English. When children build firm foundations in English and maths, they find it easier to do well in other subjects too. That's why we prioritise depth in these subjects, giving our pupils the best chance of success. Every hour of every day is devoted to children learning, with no wasted time. 

We have designed our curriculum around the rigour and challenge of the Ark Base Curriculum with the addition of rich experiences and local knowledge. Importantly for us, the whole community has played a key role in defining what an Ark Brunel child looks like. By the time our children leave us, aged 11, they will have a deep understanding of their local area and how it connects them to London, the UK and the world beyond. They will understand what it feels like to try something new, and actively seek new opportunities, and they will take their love of success with them, as they move on to secondary and further education. 

We also recognise that children do best when families and schools work together. We aim to keep parents well informed about children's targets, and we involve families in all aspects of school life.