Online Safety (including parent newsletters)

With increasing internet access and other digital advances at home, children will need to be discerning about E-Safety both inside and outside school. Our curriculum and practice ensures Brunel pupils have a solid understanding of how to use internet kindly and responsibly. Lessons across the year groups highlight the potential the internet offers us and the dangers posed when interacting online. Increasingly, pupils of all ages are using the internet to facilitate learning remotely. Our pupils use the online platform Seesaw to access learning at home in a safe and secure manner.

The internet never stands still. We keep up-to-date about the latest online safety issues with a monthly email to staff, highlighting some of the issues of the day. Our monthly online safety newsletters provide up-to-date information about potential risks and dangers for parents in an ever-evolving online world. Each month, there is a focus on an aspect of online safety to guide and inform parents in order to make sure our pupils stay safe online, both in school and at home.

Parents who have any concerns about the online safety of their child(ren) should speak to a member of staff who will be able to offer advice or further guidance. 

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