Ark Brunel Family Group

In 2017, we joined up with The School & Family Works, an organisation working in schools across London, to offer a Family Group to Ark Brunel families. In 2021, this partnership is still strong and providing support for families in our community. 

Family Groups are designed to help support children to reach their full potential. Everyone gets a little stuck from time to time, and we can all benefit from the support of others. In Family Group, parents / carers come into school each week to work together with their children. We talk, play, listen, have fun, and work on change. Families help families, sharing ideas, sorting problems and learning from each other.

Some of the changes parents and teachers have noticed in children coming to Family Group include:      

•  More confidence

•  Completing more work in class

•  Better concentration

•  Finding friendships easier

•  Less difficulties at school 

To find out more about Family Group and how to join, ask at school reception or speak to Mr Clegg Butt 

Here's what other families have said about Family Group:

“It helps to hear how other people deal with things, find out what they’ve tried and share ideas.” Parent

“I think this is the best group yet. I hope other people can come. It does help.”  Child