Ark Brunel Primary Academy aims to:

  • Be committed to a free academy education for all
  • Ensure that education in the academy is free.
  • Ensure that activities offered wholly or mainly during normal academy teaching time should be available to all students regardless of their parents’ ability or willingness to help meet the cost.
  • Ensure that there is no statutory requirement to charge for any form of education but the academy has the discretion to charge for optional activities provided wholly or mainly out of academy hours.
  • Exercise the right when required to invite voluntary contributions for the benefit of the academy or in support of activities organised by the academy, whether during or outside school.

Practice and Guidance

The Charging Policy at Ark Brunel Primary Academy is based on the following:

  • The academy will continue to request voluntary contributions from parents towards activities organised by the academy during academy hours. If insufficient voluntary contributions are forthcoming for an activity and insufficient subsidies are available, then that activity will be cancelled.
  • The Trustees of this academy is willing to support the funding of certain activities. Subsidies may be available for children whose parents are unwilling or unable to make a voluntary contribution.
  • Optional Trips Wholly Or Mainly Outside School Hours: Optional trips wholly or mainly outside school hours will normally be charged at full cost. These visits may not proceed where full costs are not met by all those who wish to partake in the activity.
  • Charges for Breakages and Damage: The academy may make charges for breakages and damage to property and resources, including window breakage.