Praise and rewards will be used to motivate pupils much more frequently than negative consequences. This builds a culture of achievement and success. The praise and rewards will aim to constantly reinforce our core values of Honesty, Enthusiasm, Ambition, Resilience, Thought (HEART).

It is vital that the application of all aspects of the Behaviour Guidelines are consistently applied by all members of staff.

Children are given rewards for demonstrating behaviours as shown in the Code. Within the classroom, these take the form of verbal and written praise, stickers, privileges, and other forms identified by class teachers. Larger rewards are those celebrated within the key stage or by the whole school. These may be during celebration assemblies or other whole school events. End of year awards recognise achievements over an extended period of time. Rewards are also given to celebrate high levels of punctuality and attendance.

Sanctions are given for behaviours contrary to the Code.  Within the class, teachers use a range of strategies including rule reminders, discussion, etc. Staff use a consistent approach to disruptive classroom behaviour through the use of a warning system which leads to timed classroom exclusion, timed exclusion in another class and finally, involvement by a senior staff member to address the behaviour. The behaviour may then be monitored by daily or weekly monitoring reports and parents involved. Children involved in one-off incidents of a serious nature (e.g. fighting/aggression) should be sent directly with LT, who will deal with the incident.