Ms Charlton, a Newly Qualified Teacher at Ark Brunel Primary Academy, explains why the school “will help you fly if you want to”.

'I’ve always wanted to work with children who might have more difficult backgrounds. That’s why I joined Ark, as they are renowned for giving extra support to children who need it most.

For some of these children, we’re everything. It’s a big responsibility, but it’s also hugely rewarding – they have so much potential.

High standards are expected of us and we expect high standards of the children - and that really makes a difference to how much they can learn. It’s fantastic that we’re achieving some of the best progress results in the country.

I think the key strengths for teachers here are the collaborative atmosphere and the support we get from the senior leadership team. They always encourage us to be creative and try new techniques to help give each child a love of learning.

For instance, I follow the school-led approach to managing behaviour but I have the autonomy to adapt it to suit my year 1 children, who are, of course, very different from a Year 4 class. They’re very young but even they respond well to the structure. They know exactly what’s expected of them and they love the daily routine. Honestly, there’s so much love in my classroom!

Our headteacher also wants us to think about our career progression – you can’t escape professional development opportunities here! You’re constantly learning and developing.

There’s a really good NQT programme so I always do those training sessions. Three of my colleagues are training to be middle leaders at the school, and another two are doing the senior leadership training. I’m pretty sure the school will be supportive if I want to do that when the time comes.

We have weekly observations of our classes by a senior colleague – mine’s done by my NQT mentor. She gives me excellent feedback, which is really helpful as it makes me look at my teaching from a different perspective.

We also meet colleagues across the Ark family through regular Hub days. It’s amazing to see this massive network of people all striving for the same thing. It’s like having a mum or a dad there saying, “You’re doing well; here’s what you can do better.”

I’m really enjoying working here. Ark Brunel is a school that can do a huge amount to support you grow as a teacher. It’s one that will really help you fly if you want to.'

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